Adult Day Training

To create a path from disability to capability by providing exceptional services so people of all ages can work, play, learn, achieve personal goals, and live meaningful lives.

Horizons has two Adult Day Training Centers, one in Fort Walton Beach and one in Crestview.  The Fort Walton Beach center serves about 55 people with developmental disabilities and the Crestview center currently services about 18 people.  We have a variety of opportunities that enable people to have fun, be creative, learn, and be productive.  These activities include things like dances, having lunch in the park, and going on boat rides: working on crafts: taking classes in things like cooking, math, reading, safety, and hygiene: and working in small groups out in the community.  All activities are developed to help people reach their personal goals - weather the goal is learning to write their name or learning to get along with each other.  The centers are open Monday through Friday.

If you would like more information, please contact:
Fort Walton Beach:  Toni McCormick at 850-863-1530 x237 or
Crestview:  Julie Petrushak at 850-682-9224 or